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What service do I need?

At Colchester Tyre & Exhaust Centre we offer two types of service. Basic or interim and full service.

A basic or interim service should be conducted every 6 months or every 6000 miles, whichever is sooner

A full service is conducted every 12 months of 12,000 miles whichever is sooner.

What is a full car service?

A full service is a more comprehensive version of the basic service. It includes all the same tests, but with checks on additional components too.

A full service at Colchester Tyre & Exhaust Centre has a 40 point check compared to a 20 point check with the basic service. When booked with an MOT the full service is the ultimate way of ensuring car maintenance and safety.

What does a full service include?

Compared to the basic (interim) service the full service includes comprehensive checks on the wheel cylinders, calipers, power steering and gaiters. The test begins with a road test in order to assess the steering, clutch and brakes.

The checklist for a full car service is as follows;

Road Test – steering, clutch, brakes
Vehicle on floor – exterior lights, seat belts, wipers and more
Vehicle on ramp – checks wheel bearings, tyre sizes, condition, tread depth and more
Service tasks – replacement oils, air filters, checking brake fluids and more
Scheduled service tasks – checks spark plugs, pollen filter replacement and more

How long does a car service take?

A full service would normally take around 3-4 hours to complete and an interim service around one hour 30 minutes. However, its important to note that the length of the service will be dependent on whether or not any problems are identified.


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